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advancement grant revoke targets everything only advancement criterion from through until advancement

attribute target attribute base get scale base set value modifier add uuid name value add multiply multiply_base remove uuid value get uuid scale

ban targets reason

ban-ip target reason

banlist ips players

bossbar add id name get id max players value visible list remove id set id color color max max name name players targets style style value value visible visible

clear targets item max count

clone begin end destination replace masked filtered filter force move normal

datapack disable name enable name first last before existing after existing list available enabled

debug start stop report

defaultgamemode survival creative adventure spectator

deop target selector

difficulty peaceful easy normal hard

effect clear targets effect give targets effect seconds amplifier hideParticles

enchant targets enchantment level

fill from to block replace filter destroy hollow keep outline

forceload add from to remove from to all query pos

function name

gamemode survival adventure creative spectator target

gamerule announceAdvancements commandBlockOutput disableElytraMovementCheck disableRaids doDaylightCycle doEntityDrops doFireTick doInsomnia doImmediateRespawn doLimitedCrafting doMobLoot doMobSpawning doPatrolSpawning doTileDrops doTraderSpawning doWeatherCycle drowningDamage fallDamage fireDamage forgiveDeadPlayers keepInventory logAdminCommands maxCommandChainLength maxEntityCramming mobGriefing naturalRegeneration randomTickSpeed reducedDebugInfo sendCommandFeedback showDeathMessages spawnRadius spectatorsGenerateChunks universalAnger value

give target item count

help command

kick target reason

kill targets

list uuids

locate bastion_remnant buried_treasure endcity fortress mansion mineshaft monument nether_fossil ocean_ruin pillager_outpost ruined_portal shipwreck stronghold desert_pyramid igloo jungle_pyramid swamp_hut village

locatebiome ocean deep_ocean frozen_ocean deep_frozen_ocean cold_ocean deep_cold_ocean lukewarm_ocean deep_lukewarm_ocean warm_ocean deep_warm_ocean river frozen_river beach stone_shore snowy_beach forest wooded_hills flower_forest birch_forest birch_forest_hills tall_birch_forest tall_birch_hills dark_forest dark_forest_hills jungle jungle_hills modified_jungle jungle_edge modified_jungle_edge bamboo_jungle bamboo_jungle_hills taiga taiga_hills taiga_mountains snowy_taiga snowy_taiga_hills snowy_taiga_mountains giant_tree_taiga giant_tree_taiga_hills giant_spruce_taiga giant_spruce_taiga_hills mushroom_fields mushroom_field_shore swamp swamp_hills savanna savanna_plateau shattered_savanna shattered_savanna_plateau plains sunflower_plains desert desert_hills desert_lakes snowy_tundra snowy_mountains ice_spikes mountains wooded_mountains gravelly_mountains modified_gravelly_mountains mountain_edge badlands badlands_plateau modified_badlands_plateau wooded_badlands_plateau modified_wooded_badlands_plateau eroded_badlands nether_wastes crimson_forest warped_forest soul_sand_valley basalt_deltas the_end small_end_islands end_midlands end_highlands end_barrens the_void

me message

msg targets message

op target

pardon target

pardon-ip ip

msg targets message

tellraw target rawJsonText
Learn about raw JSON text
time add amount set time day noon sunset night midnight sunrise query daytime gametime day

title target clear reset title subtitle actionbar title times fadeIn stay fadeOut


tp target selector x y z target selector target selector x y z rotation facing x y z facing entity target selector eyes feet reason

trigger objective add set value

msg targets message

weather clear rain thunder duration

whitelist add targets remove targets list on off reload

worldborder get set distance time add distance time center pos damage amount damagePerBlock buffer distance warning distance distance time time

xp experience add target amount levels points set target amount levels points query target levels points

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